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“I was so happy with the experience at Simple Forwarding…I felt like the only client, my questions were answered and everything was taken care of speedily and professionally!” 

“This is the first time I’ve used Simple Forwarding and I’ll never leave them! I’m a newbie Amazon seller and they helped me understand all details and stuff so well. Everything went smooth, fast, and cheap! The customer service is quick to respond and helpful.”

“I’m so happy to write that this consultation provided me with so much more value than I could have imagined. Abe, the owner of Simple Forwarding, not only took the time to meet my objectives, but went beyond to “check-in” on various other parts of the logistical process to ensure that my business isn’t spending any more than it needs to in the process…”

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Stories from our Team

Our team is always looking for ways to help customers optimize their business and improve their logistics.  We asked a few team members to share results they’re proud of for their customers:

Selecting the right shipping approach to avoid storage costs:

We helped the client select a slower shipping route with a lower-cost carrier, scheduling deliberately to miss the next ship but catch the one after, resulting in the arrival of the containers several months later. This approach was a perfect fit for their non-urgently-needed goods, providing significant savings on storage costs.

Transparency in routing and back-up plans:

Recently, a client was faced with a potential delay for a container bound for Oakland.  We suggested an alternative that would cost more, but avoid any possible delay by offloading the container in Los Angeles instead and trucking it to the final destination.  It became a risk/reward decision, and the customer elected to avoid the risk because his shipment was urgently needed. Although this slightly increased costs, the client appreciated the upfront risk assessment and got his shipment on time.

Choosing alternative routes to accomplish the goal:

Facing a tight deadline, a construction company needed rapid shipment from Cambodia. With no major vessels available, we proposed trucking across the border to Vietnam for faster sailing. Though more costly, this route ensured timely delivery to Los Angeles, bypassing the slower barge option. Our honest approach and clear communication about the costs versus speed trade-offs helped the client meet their critical timeline.

Strategic Savings on Duty Costs:

A new eCommerce client initially planned to ship goods to New York. After reviewing their business model, we suggested rerouting to California to save on costs and time. Then, by reviewing and updating their customs classification, we saved them an additional $4,000 on duties. This example underscores our commitment to advocating for our clients’ best financial interests through every aspect of the logistics process.

Consolidated shipping from multiple buyers:

For a cabinet supplier with several independent buyers, we implemented a floating consolidation strategy. By coordinating all orders into one container and shipping it once full, we streamlined the process, reduced shipping costs, and improved efficiency.

Crisis management:

When a client faced potential seizure of their goods due to missing compliance documentation, we quickly proposed multiple strategies to mitigate the risk, including re-export and seeking conditional releases. Our proactive approach saved the client significant potential losses and demonstrated our commitment to go beyond typical forwarding services.

Insurance claims:

We make insurance available at an affordable rate so all customers can be fully insured.  When a customer’s insured food shipment arrived moldy, we filed the claim with the carrier on their behalf, handled all follow-ups and got their money back within days.

These are just a few examples of how Simple Forwarding is always looking out for our clients.  Our innovative approaches and dedication to client success stands apart in the shipping industry.

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 “As an established business owner, we make sure that our clients are highly satisfied with the products they receive from us. This is why we consider Simple Forwarding as an essential part of our business as they go the extra mile to offer an exceptional level of shipping service at all time. No matter what type of shipment, our inventory never runs out of stock.”

George Tucson,

AZ Production & Operations Manager

“To me, finding a dependable consolidate shipping forwarder is a major relief. I am quite fortunate to have found out about HCI, and I have always relied on them since day one. They save me from the immense shipping fee, hassle with getting a Customs clearance, and the worries of losing my goods. This company offers exceptional customer support. They take the stress out of domestic and international freight.”


Managing Partner - Cincinnati, OH

Excellent Service

“I live in Canada, and I am not thrilled about paying duty fees more than once just to receive the goods from China beforeshipping to US FBA. Fortunately, I found out about Simple Forwarding and that it offers freight services to Amazon sellers, along with a Customs clearance service. Indeed, when it comes to a timely and dependable shipment, I highly recommend this company for your business needs.”

Harry Tailor

S & C imports, Canada

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