About Simple Forwarding

Think of us as your partner in the shipping world. We’re great at smoothing out those kinks in your supply chain so that everything runs like clockwork.

At Simple Forwarding, we’re more than just a freight forwarding service; we’re an extension of your business, dedicated to fueling your growth with smart and efficient logistics. Our commitment is straightforward: ensuring your inventory arrives precisely when and where you need it. We help fine-tune your supply chain for peak performance.

We believe in doing more than just moving containers from point A to point B. We are committed to being your partner in the intricate world of freight forwarding, ensuring that every shipment is handled with utmost care and personal attention – the white-glove service you deserve.


Our passion for problem-solving drives us to find innovative solutions to fit your business. We thrive on the unique and the challenging, finding excitement in every unusual shipment and uncharted path. It’s not just about delivering goods; it’s about delivering possibilities.

From the simplest shipment to the most complex logistic puzzles, our dedicated team is there, communicating early, and often. We ensure you are informed every step of the way because we understand that knowledge is power – and peace of mind.

Simple Forwarding isn’t just our name; it’s our philosophy. In an industry full of complications, we offer simplicity and reliability. With us, you’re not just another customer; you’re a partner whose business goals become our own.

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 “As an established business owner, we make sure that our clients are highly satisfied with the products they receive from us. This is why we consider Simple Forwarding as an essential part of our business as they go the extra mile to offer an exceptional level of shipping service at all time. No matter what type of shipment, our inventory never runs out of stock.”

George Tucson,

AZ Production & Operations Manager

“To me, finding a dependable consolidate shipping forwarder is a major relief. I am quite fortunate to have found out about HCI, and I have always relied on them since day one. They save me from the immense shipping fee, hassle with getting a Customs clearance, and the worries of losing my goods. This company offers exceptional customer support. They take the stress out of domestic and international freight.”


Managing Partner - Cincinnati, OH

Excellent Service

“I live in Canada, and I am not thrilled about paying duty fees more than once just to receive the goods from China beforeshipping to US FBA. Fortunately, I found out about Simple Forwarding and that it offers freight services to Amazon sellers, along with a Customs clearance service. Indeed, when it comes to a timely and dependable shipment, I highly recommend this company for your business needs.”

Harry Tailor

S & C imports, Canada

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