Considering air freight? Why should you consider air freight? Here is why


Many times, due to a lack of inventory management or to a sudden increase in sales you find yourself out of stock and you need to replenish your stock immediately in order to keep up with your sales, or if you are a seller on amazon you need to replenish your inventory in order to stay with your rank you accomplished to build up in the past.

So now you know you need to import via air, but its hell expensive! Here comes Simple Forwarding into the picture, we at Simple Forwarding are at your side when you need to make that decision and we guide you what will be the best way to import by air according to your stock and budget, and we will shop for you the best rates in the market and the best travel time you shouldn’t be out of stock.


A lot of the small importers find compatible rates between their LCL rates and the air freight rates which is due to the high-ranking warehouse fees you are paying when you consolidate your LCL shipment, therefore they choose to import via air which is much faster.


Ordering samples to show for potential clients? In middle of inventing a new item and you need to know how it looks like during the development process?

We have a secret for you! It’s not always worth importing via airline! What? Yes even you’re paying less for the freight itself, if your shipment is too small you overpay for the local charges, like custom clearance and local trucking, and when you book your samples with FedEx it’s all included in their price.

But we don’t keep secrets form our customers and we tell them, no? we just told you that! Because we are here to help the costumer not to help our bank account!

We at simple forwarding make sure that you should know what’s your best option and we do your calculations whether it’s better for you air express to avoid local charges, or would it be better via airline due to the size of your shipment.

Considering importing via Air? Don't hesitate and contact us for a free consultation where we will guide you through the process of determining which option would be better for you.

Again, this consultation is free of charge!


    Because we at simple forwarding are here for your benefit! And we do give a hoot about your business.

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