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Explore Precision Logistics with Simple Forwarding

Are you in search of a logistics partner that doesn’t just promise, but consistently delivers? Welcome to Simple Forwarding, where reliability meets precision in logistics solutions. Our expert team of ocean, trucking, and customs specialists are dedicated to your success. With our commitment to rapid responses—we aim to reply within an hour—we ensure your logistics challenges are addressed swiftly and effectively.

Do your shipping needs include navigating new routes or managing consolidated shipments from various factories? Trust Simple Forwarding to optimize these complexities. Our approach minimizes both costs and transit times, allowing you to focus on your core business without the burden of logistical intricacies.


How We’re Different

Say farewell to supply chain frustrations as you entrust your logistics needs to us. At Simple Forwarding, we don’t just handle your logistics; we innovate and care for them with unmatched creativity and expertise. Our solutions are tailored to eliminate bottlenecks and streamline your operations.

Our Commitment to Excellence

What sets Simple Forwarding apart? Our relentless dedication to monitoring and optimizing every aspect of the logistics process. We understand how much can go wrong, which is why we are committed to getting every detail right. Our team excels in overcoming obstacles with carriers, customs, and shipping companies, ensuring that the only answer we settle for is “yes.”

A True Partnership

With Simple Forwarding, experience a partnership that brings simplicity and effectiveness to your logistics, allowing your business to thrive in an ever-changing global marketplace.

Let Us Handle Your Logistics

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 “As an established business owner, we make sure that our clients are highly satisfied with the products they receive from us. This is why we consider Simple Forwarding as an essential part of our business as they go the extra mile to offer an exceptional level of shipping service at all time. No matter what type of shipment, our inventory never runs out of stock.”

George Tucson,

AZ Production & Operations Manager

“To me, finding a dependable consolidate shipping forwarder is a major relief. I am quite fortunate to have found out about HCI, and I have always relied on them since day one. They save me from the immense shipping fee, hassle with getting a Customs clearance, and the worries of losing my goods. This company offers exceptional customer support. They take the stress out of domestic and international freight.”


Managing Partner - Cincinnati, OH

Excellent Service

“I live in Canada, and I am not thrilled about paying duty fees more than once just to receive the goods from China beforeshipping to US FBA. Fortunately, I found out about Simple Forwarding and that it offers freight services to Amazon sellers, along with a Customs clearance service. Indeed, when it comes to a timely and dependable shipment, I highly recommend this company for your business needs.”

Harry Tailor

S & C imports, Canada

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