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Here, you’ll find insights about a variety of shipping and logistics industry topics from our experts, helping you optimize and select the best logistics options for your business.  Have questions?  Please contact us, we’d love to help!

Last week, a customer called with a fairly normal request: predict how shipping rates will change this year, so he could give one of his customers a quote for an

Perhaps you, like many in the eCommerce and Retail worlds, recently heard about the $80,000 of baby supplies and toys that were seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in Los Angeles. It’s

In the realm of e-commerce, where speed and convenience reign supreme, every convenience comes at a price.  For Amazon sellers, the introduction of the 2024 Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inbound placement

Being a dynamic industry with many moving parts involved and many workers acting out different roles along your supply chain, it’s a fairly common occurrence that your freight bill comes

Amazon has a Partnered Carrier Program for trucking your merchandise into their fulfillment centers.  This post will explain the three main options they offer, and the pros and cons of

You’ll definitely be needing a warehouse to house your inventory. It’s a crucial stop on the supply chain train. Whether you’re selling on Amazon, to other businesses or direct to

When transporting your cargo by truck, your two options are booking FTL, or a full truckload, or LTL which refers to less than a truckload. In this post we will

Introduction Freight class plays a crucial role in calculating LTL shipping costs, as carriers use the assigned class along with other factors such as distance, mode of transportation, and additional

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